CT. CONSIGNA CONSTRUCTION, is a private Filipino single proprietorship company established in September 14, 1997 by Engr. Cipriano T. Consigna Jr., EE as the General Manager. In 1996, the company was previously known as CTC CONSTRUCTION. During the registration , this company was among one of the Pre- Qualified Contractors with wide range of experience in industrial, commercial, civil and electro-mechanical for high rise building.

During its first year of operation CT. CONSIGNA CONSTRUCTION was awarded contracts for underground electrical, telephone, auxiliary works, perimeter fence, meter center, manholes for electrical and telephone system, street lighting and preventive maintenance works. Thereafter, the Company focuses mainly on housing and commercial building establishment.

To date, CT. CONSIGNA CONSTRUCTION has given primary attention to developed projects particularly civil, electro – mechanical and civil works. The company has broaden its field of interests by venturing to other companies.